Robofest World Championship

Robofest World Championship
June 1, 2 and 3, 2017


St. Pete Beach Community Center, 7701 Boca Ciega Dr, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706  


Advancement Process to World Robofest

This applies for Game and Exhibition categories only.  There are no additional team registration fees for this World Championship. Robofest charges only one registration fee for the spring 2017 season. The Florida organizer will charge a $20 team check-in fee for all teams. (Excluding WISER participants and  Robot Drawing Contest registrants) Pay Team Entry Fee.

  • Michigan teams – at a minimum, trophy winners from Michigan Championships will be invited to World Robofest
  • Non-Michigan US teams – Please review section 14 & 15 in the General Rules for non-Michigan US Exhibition teams to advance to World Championship via Video Screening
  • International teams – Winners from each country will be directly invited to World Robofest
  • International Video Qualifier teams – Winners from International Video Qualifier will be directy invited to attend World Robofest after screening

Registration rules for Open Categories: please review section 1 & 15 in the General Rules.

Notes to Game Teams

  • Please read rules, rule updates and additional FAQs. As stated in the rules, there will be totally unknown task(s) that require program changes and/or additions for each round.
  • Only team members, Judges, Proctors and Official Volunteers will be allowed in the pit during the game work-time.  Spectators and Coaches will be asked to leave the room and proceed to the Exhibition area, lobby or outside the building.
  • Team will be disqualified immediaty, if team handles or interferes with another team’s robot, laptop, competition or personal materials (either in pit or impound area). See Proctor Violation Report form.
  • Completion time (or remaining time) of each round will be recorded and used as a tie breaker.
  • Official fields will be open for practice. Make sure the robot meets size requirements.

Notes to Exhibition Teams

  • Each team will be given maximum 4 minutes for official presentation using a microphone. The 4 minute presentation should include team and member introduction, robot introduction, and demonstration. Teams must be at the table during the time slots specified in the schedule.
  • One 6ft table covered with black vinyl will be assigned for each team.  Maximum space a team can use is 64 square feet including the table. If your team needs any special setup, please let know in advance.
  • As noted in the Robofest top level rules, there will be secret judges who will not identify themselves as judges. Exhibition teams must demonstrate and explain their projects to all the visitors during the official times.
  • Registered spectators will decide People’s Choice Awards.
  • Bios of Exhibition Judges will be available in May, 2017

Notes to RoboParade Teams: theme of the event is tropical beach ‘Surf and Sand’


The Robofest 18th International World Championship is only a few weeks away.
All the teams, hosts and organizers are hard at work getting the event ready.
Volunteer Registration World Championship is OPEN.
We need 72 judges and about 70 more to fill the other positions. Volunteers a little or a lot – but please volunteer. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Click on the Competition Division you want to volunteer for, click Available Volunteer Position. Once you have seen the positions, click on New Volunteer Registration, and fill out the form. Thank you for volunteering in advanced!
GoFundMe Campaign for the Robofest 2017 World Support.
We are seeking donations ($10,000) to help support the teams, volunteers and organizers
in providing a fun, educational and team orientated event. All donations are welcome.