Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of two divisions: Building Division and the Planning and Zoning Division. The department provides staff support to the Board of Adjustment, the Historic Preservation Board and the Planning Board, as well as follow-up assistance to the City Commission.

Building & Permitting Division

The Building & Permitting Division ensures development proposals comply with building codes and ordinances, regulations and standards set forth by the Florida Building Code and other regulatory agencies. The department reviews building plans and oversees the City permit issuance process, performing prompt and thorough inspections at the various stages of construction. 

The department also issues business tax receipts (formerly known as occupational licenses) to businesses operating in St. Pete Beach, registers out-of-town contractors and businesses providing goods and services within the city limits and provides assistance to those wishing to start a business in the city.

Planning & Zoning Division

The Planning and Zoning Division maintains the city's Comprehensive Plan, assists in writing ordinances to implement the plan, performs special planning studies, and provides technical support to the Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Board, Planning Board and City Commission on historic and planning matters. The division also oversees implementation of the city's Land Development Code through:

  • Advising citizens on code-related issues
  • Reviewing site plans
  • Processing conditional use permit and variance applications
  • Providing technical assistance to the Board of Adjustment and City Commission.

Current Projects