Recycling Collection

In support of the State's goal to divert recycling materials from landfills, the City will continue to provide recycling opportunities. Residential recycling receptacles shall be provided by the homeowner and collection will be once per week on Wednesday for the entire City. If Wednesday is a holiday, recycling will be collected on Saturday. The blue open-top tubs currently being used by many residents will be phased out over the next year. They are not compliant with the City Ordinance for waste containers and the contents are subject to being blown and strewn about our streets littering the landscape.

The City will cease to collect recycling in non-compliant containers on December 1, 2020. Waste Connections offers a City approved, specially designated 64 gallon Recycling Cart for $75. Requests should be made directly to Waste Connections Customer Service: 727-572-6800. Residents may choose to provide their own compliant container, such containers do not need to be blue.

If you live in a condo and the association does not have a recycling container and you have an interest in recycling, Find a Pinellas County drop location

Recycling Materials

Allowable recyclable materials are cardboard, paper, hard plastic containers, glass and cans. That's it. Recyclable materials must be not be contaminated with food or other waste and containers must be rinsed clean. Collection personnel will be inspecting recycling materials in the containers prior to collection. Containers with contaminated material or unauthorized material will not be collected. Open top blue-tubs containing material that has been rained upon or is otherwise wet from landscaping irrigation are considered contaminated and will not be collected. The contents should be transferred to the regular collection cans.

Commercial and multi-family units that would like to begin recycling can do so by contacting Waste Connections at 727-572-6800 to coordinate a container location with Waste Connections. Commercial recycling collection is considered a commodity per Florida statute therefore fees may apply depending on market rates.