City Road Plans - Street Closure & Detours

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  1. Gulf Blvd

The Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) for the South project phase has begun and is going to change a lot of our normal driving habits for the next three months. Multiple phases of MOT will impact 44th Avenue for approximately six weeks.

The ongoing construction on Gulf Blvd at 44th Ave. requires a continued closure of the pedestrian crosswalks.

Phase 1 pulled in the pipe from 37th Ave to Bore Pit 1 at 44th Ave and was completed this past Saturday in less than 3 weeks on schedule.  The next phase is north of the intersection which has extend the existing traffic detour and will continue to impact 44th Ave. until approximately the last week in June.  

For this phase the drill rig that is set up at 37th Ave will move to the north side of 44th Ave in Bore Pit 2.  It will pull pipe that will be fused between 55th and 50th Ave south up into Bore Pit 2.  

Then the contractor will connect the two pipes in an open cut trench as shown by the Pipe Connection Box and Black Lines.  A T connection with a valve will be installed and then the entire area will be paved temporarily.  The final connection to Lift Station 4 is scheduled for September.

The below graphics show the current MOT configuration.  When this portion of the work is complete, the contractor will move north and start the next phase.  For the entire project on Gulf Blvd there are 10 different MOT configurations.


We appreciate your patience while we perform these necessary upgrades to our sanitary sewer system.