Emergency Response

Our Officers, Firefighters-Paramedics, Firefighters-Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) and Administrators provide Medical Emergency Response for approximately 10,000 residents and visitors. Fire Protection for over 7,000 properties is also given.

  1. Station 23
  2. Station 22
  3. Marine

Fire station 23

Fire Station 23 (7301 Gulf Blvd) and is responsible for handling all calls north of 46th  Avenue:

Station 23 Updated

District Chief 23(D23)

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe SUV. The primary function of D23 is to serve as a mobile command unit that responds to all major incidents within the city and takes command and control of the scene until the situation is mitigated.

District 23 Vehicle

Rescue 23 – (R23)

2020 F550 Wheeled Coach Rescue Unit staffed with at minimum one Pinellas County Certified Paramedic and one Pinellas County Certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). It is responds as the primary ALS unit to calls in the north part of the city and may be called to transport patients to the hospital in extreme situations. This unit is 4x4 equipped with the ability to access the beach when needed.

Rescue 23 Vehicle

Truck 23 – (T23)

2012 E-One Cyclone II HP78 Ladder Truck. It serves as the primary suppression unit for the north part of the city. T23 has a 78’ aerial ladder and carries 500 gallons of water and foam. It is equipped with a 1500gpm pump, extrication tools and Basic Life Support equipment.

Truck 23

Special Rescue 23 – (SR23)

2019 Ford F250 Super-Duty 4x4 utility vehicle that is used for accessing the beach and performing surface water rescues and assisting units on medical calls near the water line with patient removal. SR23 also serves as a standby unit for special events.

Special Rescue 23