Gulf Winds Drive

  1. July 7, 2022
  2. March 1, 2022
  3. August 26, 2021

Design Update and Community Meeting


The City of St. Pete Beach recently completed the installation of new sanitary sewer pipes under Gulf Winds Dr. The complete re-paving from Gulf Blvd to 75th Ave is currently being planned and the City has a unique opportunity to expand and install new amenities on the roadway. In the initial design survey, residents favored narrowed drive lanes, on-street bike lanes, and an 8ft wide sidewalk on the west side of Gulf Winds Dr.  

In March 2022 the City met with community residents to review the design at 30% completion. We had a good meeting and have incorporated many of the residents’ suggested changes. These include raised intersections at select locations, crosswalk markings wherever possible, enhanced landscaping from Gulf Blvd to 64th Ave, and decorative street signs. The mini roundabout at 64th and Gulf Winds Dr and the reworking of the intersection at 71st and Gulf Winds Dr were both removed from the project based on resident objections. 

The project design has now progressed to 60%, and the City hosted an additional community meeting to update residents and receive any final feedback on the project. At the meeting, the following proposed designs and project elements were discussed: 

  • The narrowing of drive lanes from Gulf Blvd to 64th Ave to accommodate sidewalks on both sides and on-street sharrow markings. On-street parking will remain. 
  • Raised intersections at 64th Ave, 67th Ave, Bay St, and 73rd Ave have been added to the design
  • 5ft Bike lanes will be added from 64th Ave to 73rd Ave
  • Storm water drainage will be improved with the repaving 
  • Landscaping plans are currently being discussed

If you have any questions regarding the designs or project, please contact Mike Clark at

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