Undergrounding Electric on Gulf Boulevard

The existing overhead utilities in the corridor include electrical and communication infrastructure from Duke Energy, Frontier Communications and Spectrum. 

The scope of this project include relocating these utilities and undergrounding them in the right of way and in new and existing easements on private property as needed. 


Proposed Construction Start Date: December 2022

Proposed Construction End Date mid 2025.

Contractor will notify impacted businesses and residents directly a week or two ahead of time for any property that is directly affected.  There will be minimal lane closures during the project.


Once the new underground utilities are installed, the overhead poles and wires will be removed. The project will be divided into two phases. 

There are several benefits to switching power lines from overhead to underground, especially in St. Pete Beach where natural beauty is important to those who live and visit here. 

Underground lines: 

• Provide a less obtrusive view. Underground lines don’t clutter the view with wires or poles. 

• Have fewer issues with strong winds. Even outside of hurricane season, our area can get some strong winds. Underground powerlines are more likely to remain intact than those that could be damaged by flying debris or trees/branches coming down. Poles are also at risk at being blown over during strong storms. Underground wiring provides more reliable service and fewer outages. With storm severity a growing concern, this can be a worthwhile protection. 

• Are less likely to produce electrical are hazards. Underground wires provide more insulation and are less likely to cause a spark that could cause a risk of fire. 

• Improve road safety by decreasing the chances of motorists striking poles. 

• Provide more options for beautification projects. Beautification projects like widening sidewalks and introducing planters can be completed easier without the concerns and limitations of electric poles. 

• Don’t require right of way tree trimming around lines like overhead lines do. 

• Are less vulnerable to “blinks” caused by contact with animals and trees.