Gulf Blvd Safety Study

Community Meeting - February 15, 2023 / 5:30 - 7:00pm

If you attend the meeting virtually or watch the recording at a later date, you can provide feedback and input using the form below or by emailing

Presentation and other documents from the meeting - 

Forward Pinellas Presentation - Gulf Blvd Safety Study

Study Area - Gulf Blvd Safety Study

Existing Conditions - Gulf Blvd Safety Study

Examples of Pedestrian Safety Devices

Gulf Blvd Safety Study Community Input Form

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Study Goals and Overview

When St. Pete Beach first began booming with large scale development in the 1980s, cars were considered the primary mode of transportation and very little consideration was given to alternatives. Since that first wave of development, and most significantly in the last 10-15 years, alternative modes of transportation have become a popular choice for visitors and residents alike. The City’s infrastructure has not fully kept up with these changes in transportation and as a result, it is sometimes lacking infrastructure and safety features for those who choose to walk or bike to their destination.  While the City can’t go back in time to include pedestrian and bicycle options on the roadways, it can look at what exists now to determine where it can make effective improvements to help create streets safe for everyone.  

To pursue this effort, St. Pete Beach has committed itself to Pinellas County’s Vision Zero roadway safety initiative, which seeks to reduce roadway deaths to zero no matter how you are traveling. Partnering with Forward Pinellas and the City’s consultants, the City is currently analyzing existing conditions on Gulf Boulevard through the Gulf Boulevard Safety Study, as this is the roadway with the most vehicle accidents and pedestrian fatalities. The study will provide the City with a report to help determine where it can make changes that will have the greatest impact. This includes seeing where additional mid-block crossings can be added, changing signal timing to be pedestrian focused, adding longer or extending medians, analyzing existing lighting, and determining where improvements are necessary. The study is also evaluating safety features that are being used in other cities for application in St. Pete Beach.  We will be hosting two community meetings as part of the study. This will offer residents a chance to provide input and feedback about their concerns and ideas on how to improve safety on Gulf Boulevard. If you wish to be notified directly when these meetings are scheduled, please sign up for the notification list below. 

The focus of the City of St. Pete Beach is to ensure that everyone who travels in within the city, regardless of what mode they choose, can get to their destination in a safe, easy, and accessible way. Most importantly, these efforts will help people get to their destinations alive, because even one roadway death is one too many.  


The first community meeting for this project is scheduled for February 15, 2023 from 5:30-7:00pm at City Hall. The meeting will be open house format, so attendance for the whole time is not necessary. In person attendance in highly encourage for participation in interactive exhibits, but the meeting will be live streamed and comments can be left using the comment form below. 

If you wish to attend virtually, please register here: