What are some common types of violations?

In no particular order, the following violations are the most common:

  • Litter and Debris - In order to preserve a clean and neat appearance in the city, no accumulation of litter, debris, garbage, trash, discarded items of junk or other refuse of any nature is allowed.
  • Permits and Licenses - Building permits, sign installation permits and occupational licenses are generally required for any such activity within the city
  • Property and Yard Maintenance - Chipped or peeling paint, broken windows, high grass or weeds.
  • Signs - Most commercial signs are regulated as to size, type and location and must be permitted before installation. Yard signs must be located only on private property and are regulated as to size and number of signs.
  • Vehicle Parking - Parking vehicles, boats and trailers on residential properties without proper license or registration or improper storage of RVs, boats and trailers in the front yard.

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