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Reclaimed Water Activation & Deactivation Application

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  3. If needed, call Pinellas County, Utilities at 727-464-4000 

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  5. Reclaimed Water Service Request*
  6. I the Owner and Applicant, have read and understand the St. Pete Beach Policies and Regulations for Reclaimed Water Service and agree to restrict the use of reclaimed water for the purpose(s) described in this application. I understand that due to the chemical composition of reclaimed water, that it is not suitable for consumption and may not be compatible for irrigation of certain susceptible vegetation or process use, and I agree the St. Pete Beach and Pinellas County will not be held liable for damages which may occur due to interruption of service as stated in the St. Pete Beach Policies and Regulations or due to use of reclaimed water for purposes not included in this application, and I agree to defend and hold harmless St. Pete Beach and Pinellas County from all claims and judgements arising therefrom against the City or the County by any person. It is understood and agreed as owner of the described premises I am responsible for prompt payment to the Pinellas County Water System in accordance with Public Utilities Rules and Regulations. It is further agreed that City or County employees shall have the right to enter the above premises to inspect the reclaimed water piping and fittings and to discontinue the service for nonpayment of fees and service charges, for tampering with service, for cross‐connections with another service or water source, or for any other reason that may be detrimental to the City/County system. All property within the City is subject to lien for nonpayment of the Reclaimed Water service charges. In addition to the other penalties prescribed in Ord. 92‐18 §24‐72 (c), if the owner of any improved property subject to payment of collection service charges fails to pay such charges on or before the final date set by the City for payment, or fails to pay charges in advance when the service is commenced during the year, the City may forthwith impose a lien upon the property of such owner. The amount of such lien shall be based upon the total service charge due, plus (8) eight percent interest, plus all costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incident to filing and imposing the lien; such lien shall be imposed against the land and may be enforced and the property sold to satisfy such lien in the manner prescribed by law. Ord. 92‐18 §24‐73 states: All properties connected to the reclaimed water system shall be required to remain with the reclaimed water system and pay all appropriate fees in connection therewith, for a period of no less than five (5) years from the date of the initial connection. The City shall be entitled to seek mandatory injunctive relief in the event of a violation of this section. Non‐payment of the reclaimed water charges will result in a turn off by the Pinellas County Water System of the reclaimed water service; however, charges will continue for the term of the current agreement.
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