Andrew W.J. Dickman

City Attorney
Title: City Attorney
Phone: 727-363-9215
Andrew W.J. Dickman

Mr. Dickman is a charter officer reporting to the city commission. His powers, duties and responsibilities are to:
  1. Be attorney of record in all civil suits, actions and legal proceedings wherein the city, city commission, city manager, departments, boards or city officials or employees are parties by virtue of their official positions or official actions;
  2. Institute and prosecute all eminent domain proceedings and other civil suits, actions and legal proceedings authorized by the city commission;
  3. Defend all civil suits, actions and legal proceedings brought against the city;
  4. Serve as legal advisor to the city commission, the city manager, and through the office of the city manager, advise personnel as designated by the city manager and city boards who are not authorized to retain separate counsel;
  5. Render written legal opinions requested by the city commission or city manager on matters relating to city government and the interpretation, construction and meaning of the Charter, statutes, ordinances, resolutions and contracts affecting or pertaining to city government;
  6. Prepare or review and approve as to form and legal sufficiency all city ordinances, resolutions, deeds, contract documents and other legal instruments affecting or pertaining to the city;
  7. Attend and be present at all regular and special meetings of the city commission unless excused from attending by the mayor; and
  8. Perform such other duties, powers and responsibilities as assigned by the city commission.
Section 2-150. 

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